About Thomas Mangum

Helping Leading Companies Build Championship Teams


When it comes to delivering industry-leading results, there is nothing more powerful than a fired up team completely focused on a unified vision, bound by a code of honor to win.

A dialed-in team works together in a way that creates exceptional output that is orders of magnitude better than what any single team member can do on their own.

Great companies invest heavily in their talent. Top leaders know that people are their greatest asset. But if your team isn’t performing at its peak then you are losing your return on investment and leaving dollars on the table.

How can you unlock your team’s highest potential and deepest creativity and ensure that they are fully engaged and performing at their peak?

About Thomas Mangum

ThomasMangum4Thomas Mangum draws on over 30 years of experience helping leading companies build championship teams that win.

His client roster includes Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, Sony, Exxon, DuPont, Northrop Grumman, Liberty Mutual, Johnson & Johnson, Volkswagen, Bose and many more.

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, Thomas has experienced from an early age what leadership looks like in the business world. Operating his business at the age of 20, he learned quickly that results can be achieved with hard work, but extraordinary results come from cultivating and nurturing strategic relationships.

A dynamic speaker, a memorable facilitator, and provocative coach, he’s drawn on diverse experience as an entrepreneur, military interrogator, and radio show host. Facilitating powerful, fun and innovative leadership and team-building experiences with multiple training companies has introduced him to an array of leadership styles and a world of adventure he’s thrilled to share with top leaders.

Thomas is known for the fun and transformational team-building training that he brings to world-class brands across the globe. He’s thrilled to share with top leaders his powerful, effective, and memorable communication and leadership experiences to help your team reach its full potential.

Discover what high-performing successful startups & Fortune 100 corporate leaders do to amplify the results from their team, consistently surpass expectations, and grow the bottom line.

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