Team Building

Companies don’t change the world. Teams do.


Discover what high performing successful startups & Fortune 100 corporate leaders do to amplify the results from their team by engaging them in fun, effective and memorable communication and leadership experiences.

Do you ever wish you could get a peek inside a team meeting at the upper echelon of a successful startup or a Fortune 100 company?

How is it that these top teams get so much done without overwhelm?

Not only do they meet deadlines, create amazing products and consistently grow the bottom line, but they have FUN doing it.

Contrast this with the typical, death-by-powerpoint team meeting. You might spend hours talking in circles or getting derailed by personal politics and conflicting opinions.

If you do manage to come to an agreement, are the deliverables followed through on? Or do you end up spending another meeting kicking around the same problem again and again?

So frustrating. So much wasted potential.

What is the magic ingredient that some teams have that unlocks so much latent potential and transforms it into consistent growth and industry-leading results?

It’s not luck. It’s not even talent or capital.

Ultimately, the single most important factor in growing the bottom line, meeting deadlines and doing exceptional work is building a championship team.

You can have the best strategy, plenty of resources and an amazing product or service, but your ability to execute fundamentally comes down to the quality of your team.

How do you get your team to work better together? How do you attract the right people? How do you get your team to trust one another?

Creating Championship Teams Out Of Ordinary People


The world’s best teams are much stronger than their weakest member.

With the right leadership, a dialed-in team works together in a way that creates exceptional output that is orders of magnitude better than what any single team member can do on their own.

Great companies invest heavily in their talent. Top leaders know that people are their greatest asset. But if your team isn’t performing at it’s peak then you are losing your return on investment and leaving dollars on the table.

With the right leadership you can unlock their highest potential, their deepest creativity and ensure that they are fully engaged and performing at their peak.

When it comes to delivering amazing results, there is nothing more powerful than a fired up team completely focused on a unified vision, bound by a code of honor to win.

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Are you holding back your team? Learn the 5 ways Fortune 100 companies create teams that win.

Most Popular Training Modules from Thomas Mangum


Leveraging Behavioral Styles

  • Learn a win/win style of getting what you want by understanding how others behave.
  • Come away with tools to understand why they do what they do
  • Uncover what they are innately programmed to do well (and not so well)
  • Discover a leveraged approach to best communicate authentically with different styles.
  • Heavy emphasis on hands-on practice of the tools in fun, highly engaging activities.

The Confident Communicator

  • For the experienced leader or new manager, you’ll discover and practice tools necessary to communicate with confidence in one-to-one or group conversations.
  • Teams get to know each other as we practice how to listen vs hear
  • Discover how to cultivate trust within your team or even a stranger
  • Begin to master what it takes to quickly handle the impromptu presentation
  • Learn how to cultivate a culture where asking, giving and receiving clear and authentic feedback is normal and expected.

10384050_10152390485718926_3471191097638833926_nCultivating & Caring for the Relationships You Have

  • Increasing the level of engagement & productivity from within your team is what this is about.
  • Increased engagement = increased performance.
  • Discover & apply what high performing teams are doing today to create extraordinary results.
  • Come away with tools to immediately save time yet multiply results on all levels.

The Authentic Leader & The Effective Manager

  • Leaders in this experiential training discover how to lead from a place that magnifies and amplifies the results they get with their team.
  • Perfect whether this is a team member that is now in a place where they must manage and lead or a deeper look for the experienced leader seeking to “sharpen the saw”.

Building a High-Performing Team That Wins

  • When it comes to delivering amazing results, there is nothing more powerful than a fired up team completely focused on a unified vision, bound by a code of honor to win.
  • Explore and practice what distinguishes the mastermind group from tired old meetings
  • Discover what the high performing championship team is doing that mediocre teams don’t even consider as a possibility.
  • Uncover the profound power of choice in moment by moment decisions.
  • Learn the power of the “both/and” vs “either/or” choice,
  • Practice how to always produce “win/win” vs. “win/lose” scenarios.
  • Teams discover how to operate as a high-performing team AND honor team member’s personal agendas.

The Masterful Networker

  • Moving networking from something you go and do to something that is a part of your everyday routine.
  • Learn to connect, communicate, and build community like never before.
  • Learn how to make networking fun, authentic and natural.
  • This training delivers on the promise “It’s not as much what you say or do as much as how you make them feel”.
  • Based on the popular course “Becoming A Masterful Networker

Mission ‘4 Charlie”  –

  • Your team takes on a mission full of activities that has them learning the 4 Cs –Connect, Collaborate, Contribute, Communicate.

This is an ideal team building activity to compliment any of the skills-based modules above.

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