“Clients no longer want to hire speakers. They want to hire smart people that happen to speak” –Brian Palmer, National Speakers Bureau, Chicago

Think of the last speaker you watched.

They came in and hopefully, at the very least, pumped up the crowd and everyone is excited to learn.  The audience is mesmerized at their proficiency and talent. And then what happens?

The excitement wears off and what are you left with?

Consider this:

Did the attendees listen or did they LEARN?

Do they know about the topic intellectually or deeply KNOW?

Were they pumped up with motivation or truly INSPIRED to take action?

If measurable results matter and you have a choice, choose a trainer that is skilled in accelerated learning technologies–methods that help the group assimilate faster, assimilate more and most importantly retain what was trained.

Any training that Thomas and team delivers is guaranteed to have you answer YES! to the following 3 key principles

#1  Was the learning memorable?

#2  Did you have fun learning?

#3  Did you leave with effective tools that you can use immediately?


Thomas isn’t just an ordinary trainer, he creates EXPERIENCES & RESULTS.  He has incredible energy and the crowd always benefits from the accelerated, interactive learning space that he creates.   –Doug C, Boeing Aircraft Corporation

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