Riggio Maria

Episode 11: Leadership and Management; Elements of High Performing Team with Maria Riggio

A high performing team is a group of people with similarities and differences from one another. Each member has his own history, knowledge, intelligence and growth from what they’ve been through from their past to their present. They have come together and they communicate openly with one another. They listen to one another and accept each individuality.

A high performing team experiences conflict and it shows the differences of the members in the team. This is uncomfortable but in order to surpass this, the leader must look at it in the perspective of passion. Because of passion, the environment is a little bit conducive for growth. The leader must be to guide people and must listen to the different opinion of his members.

To handle conflict, a lot of tolerance is needed. In conflict, you get great result when the leader allows conflict and disagreement in the way that he handle the different opinions of the members and then align as a team to create great result.

The leader should not be indifferent. He is part of the team. His growth opportunity comes from the team. If he is not part of it, he is not helping the team for the greater good. He is the model of the possibility of the team. The leader must be willing to be vulnerable for the team as a whole to create better results together. When the leader is building a high performing team, it has to start at the core of who he is as a human being. If the management can stay human, it has come to down from leadership and go up to day to day work.

Leadership and management has the ability to see that failure is a great opportunity for growth. In giving opinions, the leader should to be delicate in his message to make an impression. Put the message in the package that is best received. It is far more compelling and empowering than just learning the message. But before giving the message, give some time to earn the team’s ears so they will listen.

Maria Riggio is a senior leader at an energy company in North America. She has a huge range of experience from the Air Force. She has tremendous amount of education on organizational leadership and practical leadership.

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/maria-riggio-b2197018