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Episode 10: Qualities of a High Performing Team with Kerry Ward

A high performing team is a team that does not only does its job effectively, does things in a way that separates them from the crowd but also a team where people want to be in. The members in the team are committed in their job and they enjoy interacting with one another though there are differences.

Kerry Ward gave two qualities of a high performing team. The team listens to one another by letting each member speak freely on what is going on in his life or in his job. A high performing team is empowered. It makes decisions, takes action or even bends the rules without making justifications

Kerry Ward agrees that conflict is a healthy thing for a high performing team and it is unavoidable. To handle it, the team must have to come up with set of criteria – what is the conflict about, why did it arise and what could be done to address the conflict. Kerry emphasized that a business without conflict is a losing business.

Two things that makes the greatest difference in a high performing team, are positive attitude and infectious energy. People would want to join on the team because they see that it’s fun in this team.
Kerry’s advice to get amazing results is that you have to trust your people that they can do it. Thomas added that when you trust people, you allow them make mistakes to see possibilities.

Kerry Ward
Founder and CEO of Corporate Explorer Training.
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