Opstal Miel Van

Episode 9: Future Connectivity to a High Performing Team with Miel Van Opstal

Miel Van Opstal discusses the importance of connectivity among the members of the team and how it would be done that result to a high performing team. He also gave some advice on what leaders must do today to be effective.
Miel Van Opstal is a Marketing Innovation Facilitator & Futurist from Belgium. He’d like to see where our society would be in five to fifteen years from now. He is an inspired coach that has brought transformation among numerous companies and governmental institutions all over the world. He is also a Digital Strategy Consultant for well-known advertising agencies in Europe and in North America. He is into Future Connectivity and Contextual Consumer Journeys.

Website: wavelab.be
Facebook: facebook.com/Coolz0r
Twitter: @Coolz0r
Linkedin: be.linkedin.com/in/mielvo