Episode 4: Making a Team Highly Functioning with Bob Dietrich

This episode discusses about the role of a good leader in making his team highly functioning.

According to Bob Dietrich, a high functioning team always starts with great leadership and great leadership always starts with a clear vision. The leader should communicate clearly the vision and then empower them to act on the mission of their vision.
A good high functioning team is when the dysfunction can come out and be recognized and then be dealt with before the breakdown occurs.

Having that clear vision being able to prevent the breakdowns, find key people that you can trust. And before you can find key people that you can trust, you have to have the guts enough to ask them to join your team. Asking for help is a sign of strength.
His advice to the leaders of today is take more risks in the area of creating the dream life you want to when you’re younger. Surround yourself with the right people that are going to help you get there.

Bob Dietrich
Senior international advancement professional with over 25 years experience in constituency relations and fund raising. Proficiency in all aspects of development, strategic planning and campaign management. Collaborative leader with experience in managing and motivating advancement teams that are donor centric, service oriented and goal driven.

Website: bobdietrich.com

Facebook: facebook.com/robert.dietrich.100
Twitter: twitter.com/bob_dietrich


Welcome to the high performing team I’m your host Thomas Mangum if creating extraordinary from the ordinary keeps your interest or its moving from good to great results inspires you then you’re in the right place get ready for the next episode of the high performing team.

Thomas 00:00:00 Hey is Thomas here and you’re going to love this next episode of the high performing team I’ve got serial entrepreneur Bob Dietrich on his layin down all sorts of nuggets of wisdom and I say serial entrepreneur because he has led everything from nonprofit teams to business for profit teams. The guy is always doing something and the really exciting part about that is I’ve watched him take dysfunctional teams I’ve seen him take small teams and then grow them clearly the guy who knows a thing or two about creating connection carrying cohesive teams and getting some results out of them so. A couple of things that he was sharing in the episode that jumped out to me is the ability for a really great leader to be a model of possibility asking for help saying asking for help and asking for support is not something I see very often is a leader that’s really good at that that’s one thing that he talked about a lot is you know really how can you have a high performing amazing championship team if you’re not willing to ask for support yourself, he talked about having a clear vision I doesn’t matter if you’re asking for support you got have a clear vision that people can buy into and I love what Bob and said about you’ve got to know your team and you really got to trust your feeling if you got a question about the team members on your team then don’t make decisions based upon that and don’t cut them from the team or to bring them on board but to trust those instincts I think that’s super super important that’s been my experience as well if you want an amazing high performing. It’s not about welcoming everybody on to your team that can sound very controversial I get that anyway I’ll let you Listen. You judge for yourself please welcome Bob Dietrich to the show today

Thomas00:02:07 Hey Bob thanks for being here

Bob00:02:09 hey Thomas I’m glad to be here.

Thomas00:02:12 So hey let’s jump right into it yes I know you have been a member of many many many teams high performing and dysfunctional let’s be honest I know difficult a while as a serial entrepreneur which is something I call you and I think that’s a wonderful thing. And running large teams small teams what have you what is your your definition Bob Dietrich’s definition of a high performing team because you know we hear terms like elite high performing extraordinary championship team how do you describe a high performing team

Bob00:02:46 you know it’s funny I’ve heard a phrase that I have really taken to heart because I’ve every now and I hear it every time I see a break down in a team I look at this phrase and it always seems to be true and the phrase is the fish stinks from the head down and you know usually that means is that if there is a breakdown or if a team has a unfavorable characteristic or culture or whatever it’s usually you can look at the head of that team and determine where the problem is and so for me a high functioning team always starts with great leadership and great leadership always starts with a clear vision so if you don’t have a clear vision of what you’re trying to do you can’t communicate a clear vision to your team and there’s going to be breakdowns so that has to be in place so a high functioning team has to have a clear functioning leader that can not only have that vision but then can communicate that vision to the team and then empower them to act on the mission of their vision so it sounds like a really amazing communicator a leader it’s an amazing yeah yeah and communicating not just with the team but also with themselves in the form of creating that vision allowing that that information to flow through be me. You know self introspective and kind of just being creative in lowing vision to come through I’m wondering as you think about your experiences in the past hour and currently.

Thomas00:04:12 Got a good story about something that immediately jumps up where there was maybe dysfunction or discord and then there was a turning point

Bob00:04:23 yeah there is there’s always dysfunction in a team and I think the leader what makes a good high functioning team is when the dysfunction can come out and be recognized and then be dealt with before the breakdown occurs and one thing I’ll say is that I have I took this class one time it was a two year program very expensive it was really on how to create top one percent income and the class kind of focused on breakdowns and how to prevent breakdowns how to recognize them and prevent them and that was that was a big part of the class and since then that was that’s been huge in helping me determine how to function with teams so I would say every everything every team I’ve been on has had some kind of dysfunction and it’s really been about finding this function being able to forecast where the dysfunctions might happen and then attend to them before they ever happen right now and I’m putting together this leadership and communication Expo starts tomorrow and you know there’s been dysfunction in that but because I’ve done it before there’s less dysfunction but the first time I did it there was all sorts of stuff and what I found was that when I closed my eyes and I simulated the event and I walked through it step by step and tried to put myself in the position of the person that is attending the event I get physically walks through the event in my mind and find where the problems were and things that I had not considered and put I those in place so it was that’s. Really it’s something I used to this day is that kind of visualisation to prevent those kind of breakdowns from happening

Thomas00:06:07 so what else I what I mean I’m really curious about the lessons and things the stories and the lessons not just the stories for sensational purposes but you know lessons that some of us you know that we can use those of us that are leading teams right now. Really learn and going from you know what are the lessons can you share with listeners so that we can avoid mistakes those miscommunications anything like that so that we can move from I guess mediocre teams or good teams to great and extraordinary teams

Bob00:06:40 yeah that breakdowns is definitely my number one but I kind of gone through that I would say. Having that clear vision being able to prevent the breakdowns and then finding key people that you can trust and and before you can find key people that you can trust you have to have maybe the guts enough to ask them to join your team and I think that’s where a lot of people have breakdowns they don’t reach out and ask for help and when you ask for help you get better and better asking for help when you ask for help its no a sign of weakness it’s a sign of strength that’s a sign of leadership leaders ask for help and that’s how they build teams teams don’t just show up and I do a lot of people think well you know I’m a leader so I can do it myself no leaders don’t do it themselves leaders ask for help and if you’re not asking for help you’re just you know you’re still developing your leadership when you can ask for help and build teams and those teams are doing the work for you and you’re doing very little work and then you know you’ve really started to get a handle on leadership

Thomas00:07:45 there it is right there that was gold my friend because that right there this is where you and I really connect on this and I was just working with the team this week where we were hammer in that point home is like how can you expect to lead a high performing team and expect your team to ask for support easy you know much more frequently if you’re not doing it you as a leader is probably more vulnerable you are the leader and and feels kinda naked asking for support Oh my gosh I’m being weak but you and I both know what if that was the greatest strength What was that opened the door to this team move in from good to truly great

Bob00:08:25 Yep I totally agree

Thomas00:08:27 so is that would you say that that point right there the ability to ask for support is would make the greatest difference in building a high performing team or is there something else that you know it doesn’t matter whether you whether you’re forming a new team at Toastmasters International or any of the other businesses that you run is it asking for support or is maybe something else the number one I think it’s something else

Bob00:08:52 I think it’s something else because if you’re really good at asking for support but you don’t really know where you’re going then you’re wasting yourself and you’re losing your credibility frankly so to me number one is being able to have that clear vision and knowing exactly what you’re trying to create if you don’t have that then it doesn’t matter how good you are in asking for support it’s going to break down you’re going to have problems or or it’s going to come out in a way that you may not expect so having that vision has to be number one and once you have that vision then you can start to lead yourself and I heard from a gentleman who died in the eighty’s his name was Thomas Wilhite he had said something something like you know leaders true leaders are leaders of self first and as a result of being a good leader of self other people follow and I’ve always taken that to heart because you know it made so much sense if you’re if you’re good at leading yourself and and you’re creating results first you know from the way you lead yourself. Then people will follow for example I live love using this example because I’ve found myself doing this in the past and it’s where I get up in the morning and I’ll get my gym clothes with the intention of going to the gym and then all of a sudden it’s five o’clock I’m still in my gym clothes. And or you’re on this diet and all of a sudden you find yourself in line at McDonald’s or something these are ways that you can lead yourself astray from what your real goals are and when you start leading yourself to the gym and away from McDonald’s and toward you know the kind of results you’re trying to create toward the actions that are in line at what the results are trying to create then then you start to lead others then you can start to delegate that because now you’re creating the results for yourself you can’t really expect others to do something that you’re not willing to do yourself certainly

Thomas00:10:56 So we’re all back in the Wayback Machine. And I suspect I know your answer to this but just in case I might come at this little bit different angle OK if if you could take what you know right now back to the beginning back to the first team that you inherited that first team that you led think about it any organization you work with. Corporate what have you if you could take what you know right now back to the beginning what advice would you give or what would you do differently we break a little bit differently

Bob00:11:28 well if I would give myself advice and I would go way back like you said I would say you know what take more risks in the area of creating the dream life you want to when you’re younger. I’m noticing that when I notice people that are younger in their late twenty’s even even early thirty’s and they’re taking the risk they’re really going for it and they’re doing things that are in alignment with their dreams. Really have the energy to to really put that in there and as you get older all sorts of things start to happen you can lose your confidence you could be dealing with you know taking care of your parents you could have health issues you have less energy you know all sorts of things can happen that you don’t expect you know there’s not a handbook that that you have for your life and frankly people as they get older they don’t generally don’t talk about it and younger people don’t want to hear about it so you’re never going to know until you get to a certain place in life that’s just the way life is when you get older and it’s then when you really appreciate how much time and energy you have when you’re younger so when you’re younger that’s the time to really really go for it really go for what you want go for your dreams but the time in you know give up the party and all that stuff and go for your dreams because that’s when you have the highest percentage chance I think of getting them and then of course you know surround yourself with the right people that are going to help you get there

Thomas00:13:00 awesome thanks Bob some gold and some wisdom to this point on the high performing team ladies and gentlemen we’re going to take a short break here and I’ll be right back when he’s going to be answering this question what something you’ve never shared before that you feel leaders and teams need to hear especially right now also Bob’s going to even go going to get even more real with us Listen I’ve been really want to say this all of us and so it’s a good time to say it right here on the high performing team so we’ll be right back.

Thomas Magnum here I hope you’re enjoying the show you know one critical element I see from the amazing effect of high performing teams is their team members getting really good at asking for and receiving support they keep it easy because if someone’s already creating amazing results why not borrow that idea come on guys keep it simple what kind of results could you create with that one simple fresh perspective we’ve got loads of gifts to share with you from tips and tools to training it’s all yours by going to gifts from Thomas dot com That’s gifts from Thomas dot com Make sure you write that down giftsfromThomas.com Hope you’re enjoying the show now let’s get back to it.

Thomas00:13:35 All right welcome back to the high performing team Thomas Magnum here with the great Bob Dietrich. Serial entrepreneur team builder. Amazing promoter working on something called the Leadership and communications Expo and it will be in the past by the time you all are listening to this but. I hope Bob Does this each year anyway will give info at the end of the show today welcome back Bob the question that we’re picking up with is what is something that you’ve never shared before though you feel leaders and teams need to hear this specially at this time right now

Bob00:14:22 you know part of me wants to say well if if it’s so important should’ve shared it already but there’s always something there’s always that nugget in there and I’m thinking and you know what comes up is is this is that you know there’s a lot of shitty people out there a lot of ugly people and I’m talking on the inside that just don’t have the ethics that you don’t want to partner with and you’ve got to be careful when you’re working with people you want to you want to make sure that you’ve built trust and you know who you’re dealing with when you build your teams when you when you partner with people and so that what I’ve never shared before is that I’ve gotten into the business with some people that are just if I knew what I know now I just never would have done it and it’s obvious if you take the time to look it’s obvious if you give it some time before you actually sign that contract so it’s important to make sure that you do that and for that young people are listening today Thomas I would definitely say that could be a place where you really want to focus and make sure that you’re very careful because there are people out there that just are not about helping each other they’re not about building synergy they’re about taking what’s in it for them

Thomas00:15:44 I love that you share this I let me share this and I like that you actually went with that. I love it for a couple reasons one of the betas like it was really cut to it is that it’s not all rainbows and unicorns and you can trust everyone and everybody’s amazing Sure sure sure sure shouldnt we extend trust to get trust and at the end of the day know your team because like we can you can be be assured high performing teams out there championship teams like a Super Bowl team they can have be a team take a high performing corporate team is they know each other you know there’s an ethical connection here there’s a moral obligation if you will there’s a commitment to the team not just a feeling right it’s not as a feeling of like you know feels good I’m like yeah what a well is it a feeling or a commitment are you committed to this team or not I mean it’s totally cool we’re just not for you doesn’t mean you’re a bad it doesn’t mean you’re a bad person we’re just not for you find somebody that actually makes sense to be on because we can talk all day about techniques about how to create a high performing team we go on about that a whole other episode is and all the things you can do to create a better connection or what if someone just of that don’t have the personal ethics to start with

Bob00:17:04 right and you know some of some of the stuff it’s just a matter of you know how you’re brought up and and sometimes it’s personality conflicts it can be all sorts of things but you just you just want to be careful and which off about feeling sometimes you get a good feeling about people sometimes you get a bad feeling that’s a great place to start because those feelings aren’t just feelings they’re not just coming out because you’ve got this sense it’s their feelings because your subconscious mind is picking up a congruency that resonates with you or an incongruency that doesn’t and and you haven’t processed that yet you don’t get what really is happening behind the scenes and until a little later so the feeling is a good place to start but don’t make your decision based on that feeling make your decision based on some facts let it ride out do some test runs how do a project together first or something like that things will definitely flush out that first project that you guys do together so definitely be careful don’t jump into a contract get yourself some time and get some suggestion there’s another nugget I’d like to add onto this Thomas and my uncle who is a devout Christian always told me something that I think is very wise which is to always seek counsel and the way I interpret that is to always try and get other people’s opinions on what they think about things especially people who are relevant have had experience in a certain area you know asked their opinion get some opinions of other people and don’t just take your own opinion and try and figure it out ask other people get some counsel on it it’s feedback that’s going to help you make the right decision

Thomas00:18:47 OK thanks Bob That was awesome I. Know you’re into the quick fire questions round you don’t have to elaborate huge if you don’t want but oh man I said huge anyway. But quickly that question is what your morning routine keep it clean.

Bob00:19:14 My morning routine I usually get up brush my teeth grab a cup of coffee and head off to the gym I do some power crunches in thirty minutes of cycling minimum.

Thomas00:19:28 Do you think that helps you be the best leader you can be

Bob00:19:32 you know what it does it helps me wake my body up and helps me get handled the most what I feel is the most important thing which is my health and that once that’s in the bag then I can feel confident about going forward and handling whatever

Thomas00:19:49 great What’s a piece of technology or an app or something else you just can’t live without

Bob00:19:56 my gosh the smartphone is amazing number 1. I mean and it because it just brings off everywhere from there you have to have a smartphone you have to have a quality camera you have to be able to record it you have to use voice attacks you have to be you know really really use it at a high level and then the apps are just personal assistant personal system yes it is cool

Thomas00:20:17 do you have a favorite resource or book that you’d like to recommend

Bob00:20:21 you know what I just finished a book Influence I thought it was amazing I read the book paid to speak by the Heath Brothers they have several books out there I would say pay to speak is one of my favorite pay to speak. Made to stick is the name of the book made to stick it was amazing and it’s written by the heath brothers so yes.

Thomas00:20:43 Do you have a favorite quote motivates inspires you

Bob00:20:46 yes I would say you are paid in direct proportion to the service you render mankind would you want to my favorite quotes and you know don’t ask for forgiveness or permission ask for forgiveness. Is your quote. One of my favorites probably my number one but I won’t admit to it

Thomas00:21:09 who is someone you look to as influence somebody in the public perhaps

Bob00:21:14 I’m fairly fairly political myself and I don’t want to get political on the things I think everybody has their own opinions and I respect them and in following politics there’s a few people that I’ve really. Come to like and I really like watching people develop in their careers one of the people that I think Elizabeth Warren she to me she’s just an amazing woman an inspiration and and I like people that really watch out for you know they’re really public service they really are public servants and they actually go out they make a difference and they know you know you know they have their back our backs because they’re watching out for us that at that level

Thomas00:21:56 yeah who is someone that you’d recommend we host on the show. For the high performing team

Bob00:22:01 there are so many people one person I would recommend that you interview is my business partner Calvin he has worked with over twelve thousand sales people he has worked with Zig Ziglar Brian Tracy has had his own consulting firm and he’s from a standpoint of teams and building teams and marketing he has tons and tons of wisdom I draw from that daily and so it’s one of the better choice from a standpoint of business decisions so some of his answers will be totally different than mine and just I think you’ll appreciate that

Thomas00:22:42 great anything you were hoping I would have asked you see. Guessing no.

Bob00:22:50 I mean I mean I’m just here I’m just happy to be with you Thomas. Thomas you’re one of my favorite people I enjoy spending time with you you’ve just got such a you’re the type of people person that I would look to to partner with because you’re just straightforward I know I can trust you and you know just amazing people like Thomas Mangum are the people you want to be with

Thomas00:23:15 thank you Bob Thank you so much for your time your energy and your presence here with you laid down some really cold gets you made me recording your episode intro really easy so I actually wrote down a bunch of notes about things that you just went over so people are interested in finding out more about you how can you be reached or how do you want to be reached

Bob00:23:40 Well you can go to my website BobDietrich.net or send me an. Email Bob Bob Dietrich dot net that’s D.-I E.-T. like diet like Rich dot net Yeah I’d be happy to talk and work with people I do definitely coaching and consulting. And been in hundreds of businesses and I really enjoy working with people helping to maximize their business potential or with sell open or our small business

Thomas00:24:11 all right thanks again for being on the high performing team we’ll talk you next time

Bob00:24:16 thank you Thomas take care.

Thank you for joining us today on the high performing team get notified of the newest episodes by clicking subscribe and of course rate the show now you know it really does inspire me to know that you care enough about your team to move it from good to great it is always a pleasure helping you create a high performing team as always connecting with me is as easy as going to connect with thomas dot com That’s connectwiththomas.com I’ll hear you next time.