Building a Team That Wins

Team Building Win

Facilitating team building events and trainings across the globe, I see the ABCs of building a team that wins in action each week.

Building a corporate team that wins doesn’t have to be hard but we sure do make it hard. The fun part of getting to facilitate this process again and again is the patterns reveal themselves again and again, regardless of the group I’m training.

Take the example from sports or the military to get perspective.

Did you ever dig into WHY there is a difference between a championship sports team and one that isn’t? or what makes an elite military unit different than another?

Is it the “right” people?

Do they have more money?

Are they more talented?

Do they have more resources?

Maybe…but really those are “sweeteners”;things that may help but don’t make a championship team.

Code of Honor

What bonds the team? What skin do they have in the game? Are they there in word but not in spirit? Are they there on the good AND bad days?

If there is no commitment or buy in to some code by which they operate as a team, then there is no team.

It comes down to a Code of Honor.  A code by which they operate as a team.  A code that on their honor they decide to as a team, commit to as an individual and call each other on violations as a team.

It rallies the team. It reminds the team what they jointly committed to AS A TEAM.

Everyone is a Leader

As such, each team member chooses to be responsible for the team.

They realize that individually they are leaders. And leaders play for and as a team.

Choosing that they are a leader, they realize a leader does what needs to be done.  They do what is easy and what is hard. They hold each other accountable. They don’t take it personally when they are called on accountability.

When they are playing full out, they are playing for the team.

Consider This When You Think of Your Team

Now what would happen if each team member played the game as a leader?  And I’m talking taking personal leadership for the results of the team, not that everyone is the captain of the team?

If you investigate Delta Force or Navy S.E.A.L. Teams, there are HUGE clues laying right on the table.

Of course there are loads of differences talking about an elite military team and a sales team AND there are loads of clues, that if used can transform that sales team.

The ABCs of Building a Team That Wins

Blair Singer, of Rich Dad Poor Dad fame wrote what I believe is one of the most easy to read essays on the ABCs of Building a Team That Wins and dives into building a Code of Honor.

Easily one of my favorite go to books I’ve read on the topic of building extraordinary performing corporate teams in the last 10 years.

He breaks down how to create a code of honor with buy-in at all levels. Have a read and share what you took away from it.

Shoot me a note on what you liked best.

I’m a total geek and crazy passionate about the topic so if you want to apply this to your team, let’s work on it.

ABCs of Building a Team That Wins