The Best Thing To Say Sometimes Is… I’m Just Not Into You

zero percent interested

Every single week, I share this theme with a group of entreprenuers I’m coaching.

It’s not just when you’re on the buyer side of an idea, product or service.  As a seller, be willing to tell them you’re just not into them.

The entreprenuers I coach learn about being the reluctant seller and working only with motivated buyers or at least those that want to work with them.

This doesn’t just apply to selling something. It comes down to ANYONE in your life.

You see, most of us got into business to create a little freedom. For some it’s financial freedom, for others time freedom and for most, the freedom to work and surround ourselves with those we WANT to be around.  The question becomes WHY OH WHY do so many act so damn desperate to please someone that let’s face it….just might not be into you!  It’s like a sad dating game repeat in the business world.

Check out this short, sweet, powerful peice of wisdom from Seth Godin and share your thoughts.

The bottomless pit of pleasing strangers

You will never, ever run out of strangers.

And so, the goal of perfectly pleasing an infinite number of passersby is a fool’s errand. They come with their own worldview, their own issues, their own biases.

Since they don’t know you or trust you and don’t get you, they’re not inclined to give you the benefit of the doubt or invest what it takes to understand you.

Sure, some of them will applaud or smile or buy. And if that’s your mission, have fun.

But perfection in stranger-pleasing? Not going to happen, not worth the journey.

For some people, some of the time, the only response is, “it’s not for you.”

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