How to Create A Connection That Is Remembered

How do I create a connection with my team?

How do I connect with my boss?

How can I get my team to connect with each other?

How do I reach that influencer?

How do I create a connection so that I’m remembered? ….or really what’s the point?

What would be possible if you spoke to the human behind the mask?

The very best connectors do that very thing. I’ll explain…

Last night met up with my friend Tim McDonald. Based on results, he’s a powerful connector and influencer. Knowing Tim, he will completely deny this claim because he is crazy modest….doesn’t change the evidence though!

Tonight I’m meeting up with another, based on results, a-ma-zing model of what “connecting” can look like, Selena Soo .

To be clear, it doesn’t matter a bit whether you’re the CEO of a major a brand, the solo-preneur carving out their own space, or a member of a team you know could be, do and have so much more if “we connected” as a high-performing team….. because people are people. No matter their titles or labels, humans are humans.

Something Selena and Tim both do well when it comes to making connections is that they ultimately focus on the human behind the label. The person first. Yes, there are “tips” and “strategies” to connect, but NEVER at the sacrifice of authenticity, transparency, realness and connection with the gorgeous, talented human behind the mask.

What if we remembered that the person behind the mask is you?

What if the person in front of you, that you deeply want to connect to, had hopes, dreams, fears, insecurities, struggles?  What if we spoke to THAT person?

Have a watch at Selena in action and share your thoughts. What “clicks” for you? What works for you?