Act on The Prompting To Create Connection


  • Do you ever think of saying something nice to someone then change your mind?
  • Do you ever have two people flash into your mind and think they should speak, but not act on it?
  • Do you ever get the feeling when speaking with someone that what they are saying doesn’t match the feeling you’re getting?

Every day we get signals through words, tone, body language, “vibes” that give us clues on how to better communicate with the person in front of us, yet we ignore them.

The fact is this is acting on these clues, promptings or “acknowledging the elephant in the room” will dramatically move the conversation and the relationship forward.

Next Time, Experiment For Yourself

For example….

If you’re feeling something is left unsaid, ask about it.

“gosh I have the feeling I’ve said something wrong” or “ummm I get the feeling I might be missing something here.”

If done with an intention of genuine caring and seeking understanding, you’ll find this may open the door.  This type of statement demonstrates compassion.

Introduce Two People

Thomas Mangum Virtual Coffee

The simple daily practice of introducing two people that come to mind each day, will create radically different results.

This isn’t a referral, it’s an introduction so that circles of influence are crossed. This is NOT about whether they ever connect with each other. It’s solely about acting on the prompting. It’s not up to you make sure they speak.

Send an email, tweet to introduce the two.  Let them take it.  Your job is done.

This is a simple, powerful way to build influence and keep top of mind.  Though, if used simply as technique with no genuine care and compassion, then it will back-fire.

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